There Is No Try


We have spent this past year asking questions like, “What ever happened to the counterculture?” and fighting against sameness, and forming the belief system of the Culture Crush. In light of recent events it seems like our fight is coming to the forefront because not only are certain values under attack, culture itself feels like it’s under attack.

With this in mind, our founder Debra Scherer sat down with Donna d’Cruz, founder of Rasa Living, who began her career in the world of music, both with labels and as a DJ and uses these experiences with sound to conduct the flow of energy in a room. Donna has used her bond with music to begin a sound meditation program called A Dip Into Bliss to access stillness, and out of that stillness, she believes creativity is born. Donna encourages her students – and everyone, really – to tap into their creative spirits, especially in times of uncertainty.