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As we uncover so much about society and its communities, we also work with companies and brands through philanthropy and storytelling; custom work based on understanding, creative direction, aesthetics, and access to our special teams and deep cultural insights. Introducing Culture Crush Custom. Available upon request.

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Throughout history, from the French Revolution to the freeing of slaves in America, from the fall of Rome to the creation of electricity, artists have been forced to reconcile the often mutually exclusive roles of objective observers and interpreters, helping those living during and after to make sense of these defining moments. Mark Twain used satire to question the social structures that bound  American culture to its old orders. Pablo Picasso did it to depict the horrific violence inflicted during the Spanish Civil War. These artists, singers, poets, dancers, act as mile markers through the years of history, a guide, a key without which we can never hope to truly make sense of the eras that came before us. 

To best understand these events as they occur--why they occur--and how we can prevent them from ever coming to pass again, we must look to the creators of our current times, to what they tell and have told us in lyrics, paint, and poem and to, perhaps this time around, perhaps for the first time in history, actually listen to what they have to say.