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For All Mankind

 for all mankind

In this short film, Indigenous artist and photojournalist Josué Rivas takes us on a trip up and down the Pacific Northwest, capturing scenes of America, from white separatists from the State of Jefferson to the youth climate strikers in Portland. Using his exquisite footage from the Standing Strong Project, it poses questions about our lands and the future of our society.

“Traveling up and down the Pacific Northwest, from Portland down to California, was quite an interesting journey because there was part of me that knew the land and had been there before with Indigenous folks, and I had done work up there but had never really experienced being around other folks that lived there and have settled there. So, when we went, out of no where there was this snow storm, and then all of the sudden it got really clear when we got into Northern California. Once we got to Yreka, things had shifted. For me as a storyteller and photojournalist and most importantly as a human, it was really hard to see.”