The Culture Crush
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The Culture Crush is taking submissions and pitches for both its digital and print publications and would love to work with you. So if you are working on an article, photo essay, short film, or even political cartoon that looks at culture and our society through a unique, interesting, and empathetic yet critical lens, email us with a short bio at: The preferred length of written work is less than 3,500 words and videos under 5 minutes, links only please. 


Submision Guidelines

Please put “Pitch: (The Title of your piece)”

  • A brief summary of the piece
  • Approximate word length

The Culture Crush isn’t for you, it’s for everybody. There is no certain generation or demographic we are trying to reach. Just look at communities, society, and ideas on a micro level that relate back to the macro. 

Some examples:

Some Ideas:

  • Unique subcultures and in-depth looks at how they function in society
  • Communities formed around secret knowledge 
  • Local stories formed around widespread cultural implications
  • A new or forgotten art trend/movement

What we’re not looking for

  • Hot takes on current political moments
  • Personal essays on dating, relationships, etc
  • Listicles about current pop culture and celebrities
  • Summaries of academic works
  • An academic abstract packed with jargon
  • Don't ask to review an art exhibition
  • Don't tell us why an -ism is too prevalent, or an -ization needs deeper critical analysis